Since 1993, Massey & King has specialised in locating missing and
uncontactable beneficiaries and heirs.


  • Missing beneficiaries in intestacy cases
  • Uncontactble beneficiaries named in wills
  • Gathering documents needed to prove a claim
  • Assisting with the administration of estates

We offer a thorough, diligent research service in intestacy cases originating within the United Kingdom, Ireland and the English speaking world. If kin exist either at home or overseas, we will find them. All of our research staff hold credentials from Accredited Genealogists Ireland.

As featured on RTE's IFTA nominated primetime TV series, Dead Money

We can work on a "no win-no fee" or hourly rate basis.

What is probate research?

Probate research is the term used for locating heirs and proving their entitlement to an inheritance.

A person may have died without leaving a will and have no immediate next-of-kin. Massey & King can undertake research on the deceased person's family to locate the nearest next-of-kin. This may be a close family member who has lost contact or a distant relation who might not even know the deceased ever existed.