Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be liable for any debts that the deceased may have left?

A deceased person's family are not responsible for their relative's debts. What will be distributed to the nearest next-of-kin is only that which is left after all the deceased's affairs have been settled.

Who will be entitled to benefit from the deceased estate?

The closest next-of-kin. This will depend upon the jurisdiction concerned. But, for instance, generally speaking nieces and nephews will inherit before cousins.

Who took care of the funeral and will I have to cover the costs?

Friends or a local authority will likely have arranged the deceased’s funeral. The bill for this will have or will be met from the deceased’s assets.

What happened to the deceased's house and belongings?

Depending on how long ago the deceased died, and the jurisdiction concerned, their real and personal possessions are likely to have been sold.

Can I have a copy of the family tree after your research is complete?

Yes, of course.

Can I have the contact details of the other members of my family that you have traced?

We are more than willing to pass on contact details to any relations of a deceased person so long as we have been given permission to do so.
Likewise, we are willing to contact family members and inform them that other relations would like contact.

Do I have to share what I receive with other members of my family?

No. Whatever share of the estate you receive is yours to do with as you wish.

Why can’t you tell me the name of the deceased?

We cannot give the details of the deceased’s identity until we have gathered all the relevant signed agreements.