I think your service is magnificent. Very fast and efficient. I will definitely use your company in the future and also let colleagues know about it too!

S.A. Kells, Solicitor, Wexford

I was amazed to hear what you told me about my family. I'd heard nothing from my cousin since he emigrated to the US in the '50s, so it was a surprise when you contacted me and said that I was due a windfall... Thank you very much.

Pat McGrath, Limerick

Thanks for the really good job you made of locating all our relations entitled to share in the estate. Receiving a few thousand was of course wonderful, but much better was getting contact with other relations I'd never even met!

Elizabeth Black, NSW, Australia

The folks in the US knew that we still had cousins in Dublin, Ireland, but we were shocked to discover how many you found. Since you first contacted me some of our new found Irish cousins have visited and stayed with us here in Boston.

Betty O'Connor, Boston, Mass., USA

Thank you very much for your assistance in obtaining for us a share in my late cousin's estate, who died in 1996. We know that this work provides an income for you, but as I once said "if it wasn't for you we would not have received anything". What is worse, the estate might have gone to the UK Exchequer.
The whole affair has revived in me an interest in our family history which has lain dormant for thirty years since my mother became very upset about my efforts. We thought that there must be some scandal involved, but it seems to have been due to her unhappy childhood.

Margaret E. Williams, Ayrshire

Receiving a share in my cousin's estate was quite a surprise! I knew very little about my father's family and didn't even know that I had a cousin called Cyril. Through your help, last month I met another cousin I never knew I had. Thank you so very much indeed.

Christine Burrows, Bucks.

When we referred Miss Groves estate to you we thought that it was a hopeless case, nobody had heard of her relations in decades. That you were able to locate her cousins and nieces and nephews was truly remarkable.

Solicitor, St. Albans

When I first heard from you I was suspicious to say the least. I'm not used to receiving letters saying that I might be entitled to a few bob - but rather that I might owe others money! The cheque I received has made all the difference to my small pension. Thank you for the family tree.

C.J. Haines, Huddersfield

As a pensioner, I am feeling the pinch what with Blair's many increases in Council Tax. Receiving money which might otherwise have been spent by the government gives me a wonderful, warm feeling.

Mrs. Mary Little, Exeter

Many thanks to you at Massey & King for the help given in settling the business of my cousin Eric. Much appreciated gentlemen.

R. Baldock, Northants

Thank you much for getting in touch about my relative's estate. We aren't a close family and I didn't know that she had been dead for over ten years. Getting a share of her estate was tremendous, but finally knowing what became of her since I last saw her in India all those years ago was very pleasing.

G.J.L. Bonner, B.C., Canada

Many thanks guys, the information you sent me is all spot on. I am now able to go back another few generations and will be able to enlighten the family as to what happened. I would never have found a link to the name Demay on my own, so thanks again.

Kev Hole, UK.

I had spent 18 months trying to locate a particular lady, after making contact with Mr. Smyrl he found her the very same day! I find his service absolutely excellent.

Avril, Solicitor, Kempston, Beds