Why have I been contacted?

During our research we will contact those believed to be next of kin and ask them to sign an agreement. This is normal procedure in probate research. We do not divulge the identity of the deceased until all our research is completed and we have obtained signed agreements from all parties. Once the research is finalised (and agreements signed) we then present a claim to the relevant solicitor or administrator. If the claim is unsuccessful (which would be unusual) you will owe Massey & King not a penny, as we bear all the costs.

The whole process can be helped along by giving us details of what you know about your family. The sooner you can pass on information the sooner we can act upon it and trace other members of the family who may be entitled.

How much will it cost?

The agreement you sign protects you, as you will not be asked to pay any money at any stage as all costs are taken from the estate. You will never at any time be sent a bill. The agreement states the percentage fee due to Massey & King, which is paid at source. When you are sent your cheque we will be sent ours.

The administrator will pay any debts the estate may have incurred such as funeral expenses, outstanding council tax etc. from the estate funds. You will not inherit any debts and what monies you receive are yours to keep and spend how you wish.

My payment?

Once all debts and taxes (if any) have been paid and the estate is due for distribution you will receive a cheque made out to you for your share. The amount you receive will depend on how much the estate was valued at, how many beneficiaries there are and your relationship to the deceased. At the time you receive your cheque, Massey & King will receive its.

How long will it take?

It is difficult to state how long research might take to complete, but in most cases it will take between 9 and 18 months from when you were first contacted to you receiving your payment. This time scale can be less if all questions regarding your family are answered promptly giving as much information as possible.