Finding Missing or Uncontactable Heirs

Massey & King has over a decade’s experience in searching for missing beneficiaries no matter where in the world they reside. We offer comfort to solicitors and administrators who can be assured that all beneficiaries have been located. And, in those few cases where it might not be possible to locate absolutely everyone our final report can be used to secure indemnity insurance.

In addition to estates, we can also locate people entitled to share in pension funds, insurance policies, unclaimed assets, restitution, and dormant bank accounts etc.

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Contingency basis

Commissioning research on a contingency basis is most popular with our clients. We fund the entire cost of all research and our fees are subsequently paid through a percentage agreement entered into with the beneficiaries we locate. Solicitors find this an ideal solution, particularly with intestacy, where no one has authority to act until kin have been located.

Fixed Costs

Costs are fixed so it is known exactly how much will need to be spent. This method is most cost effective where there are not the available funds for extensive research. Each case is assessed individually and costs discussed after reviewing all the available information.